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That apparent hierarchy in the world of motion pictures is the challenge that I love.

FILM & TV                                                                                                                                                                                           


"Summer League" (post production), directed by Lex Lybrand, Greenless Studios

"L’Américain" (2012), directed by Jim Le, Tout Seuls Production

Stardust and the Bandit” (
2011), written by Sarah Sher & Dick Fisher; directed by Dick Fisher, Old Tucson Studios

A Boy's Life” (2011), directed by Elias Benavidez, Alliecine


A Note To Etienne” (2010), directed by Elias Benavidez, Alliecine

111 Degrees Longitude” (2008), directed by Yuri Makino & Cindy Stillwell

            Arizona International Film Festival 2009
                Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2009


 “April’s Last” (2007), directed by Joe Odea, University of Arizona/Kodak


            Arizona International Film Festival 2007

                Kodak 35mm Short Film Screening 2007


“A Moment in Ruby” (2007), directed by IX Mendoza, Resistance Cipher Movie Company


            Traildance Film Festival, ‘Best Narrative Film’ Nomination, ‘Best Youth Actor’ Award – Moira Mendoza, 2007

                Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Expo, 2008


 “Black, White and Yellow” (2007), directed by Nicole Koschmann, Reeltravelers



            The Arizona Black Film Showcase 2007

                Arizona International Film Festival, ‘Best of Arizona’ Award, 2007

                Athens International Film and Video Festival 2007


“Park Bench” (2007), directed by Elias Benavidez & Jim Le, RCB/Chaque Seconde Production


Arizona International Film Festival 2007

Cannes International Film Festival Short Film Corner 2007

Paris Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2007

Peoria Film Festival, ‘Best Short Film – 3rd Place’ Award, 2007

Sedona International Film Festival 2007
Toronto Inside Out Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival 2007


“From a Distance” (2007), directed by Phillip Lybrand & Darren Rudy, Greenless Pictures


“Deck of Grey” (2006), directed by Phillip Lybrand, Greenless Pictures




Grapple Buggy” (in development), Mommy’s Best Games

         Click Here for the action teaser trailer       

"Serious Sam Double D XXL" (2013), Mommy's Best Games / Croteam / Devolver Digital / Mastertronic

"Game Type" (2011), Mommy's Best Games

Serious Sam Double D” (2011),
Mommy’s Best Games / Croteam / Devolver Digital

Explosionade” (2010), Mommy’s Best Games

Shoot 1UP” (2010), Mommy’s Best Games

Weapon of Choice” (2008),
Mommy’s Best Games

                Dream Build Play 2008 Challenge  Winner
                Best XBL Community Game - Best of 2008 - Winner
                Best XBL Best Action Game - Nominee



“Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Educational Video” (2008), Edna Silva’s Tai Chi Center
The music heard in the video is licensed from the music CD "Well - Music for Inspirational Movement."  
                For more details, licensing questions or to purchase the CD, please use the contact information on the Contact and Press page.

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